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Nutrition and Health Marketing Communications

When using nutrition and health science to market your product, it's crucial that your communications and interactions with consumers be accurate, easy-to-understand and meaningful.

The highly educated and experienced health professionals at RTN are experts at translating science into valuable, clear and useful consumer information. RTN staff will convey your product's nutrition and health message to consumers in a way that is fresh, approachable, and attention-grabbing. All is kept in accordance with FDA and USDA guidelines.

There are a variety of marketing avenues in which to reach consumers with your nutrition and health message:

  • Direct to consumers via website content, social media, printed materials and/or direct mail.
  • Through the utilization of healthcare professionals to promote your product to their clientele and to other healthcare professionals.
  • By targeting the health care professionals who are the gatekeepers to consumers guiding them to health choices.
  • By training sales teams in the message point that give the "why" buy.
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