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Nutrition and Health Brand Positioning

What is it about your product that makes it unique? Why would a health-conscious consumer want to buy your product?

The first and most important step in marketing your product is creating a strong nutrition and health brand. RTN is here to help you identify the nutrition and health attributes that distinguish your existing product from others like it on the market. Our registered dietitians are uniquely positioned as "middlemen" between the food manufacturer and the consumer they know what health-conscious consumers are looking for and can use this valuable information to help you brand your product.

RTN can also assist you during product development and reformulation to help ensure that your product stands out for its nutrition and health qualities. RTN's highly educated and experienced staff keeps up-to-date on current food trends and hot topics to ensure that your brand is relevant and meets the demands of today's health-conscious consumers.

Nutrition and Health Branding creates a value proposition for the consumer which will heighten purchase consideration and instigate sales.

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